When Life Hands You Lemons You Train

Have you ever been sad? Go work out.

Have you been stressed? Go work out.

Need to better yourself? Go work out.

Are you happy, content and lazy? Go work out.

Life will always be hard, but Arnold Schwarzenegger says “The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.”

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Keep that in mind. No matter where you are and what you choose to do, life will always be hard. It’s how you choose to deal with that ‘resistance’ that defines you and your strength.

I was thinking earlier..

About all the struggles that brought me into the gym. Before I hit the gym, I was constantly letting life beat me down and I had a bad attitude. I tended to be whiny and felt weak. I was weak.

Sure, a lot had happened and I was sick.

..but everyone has problems. I can’t let life’s resistance define me as a loser and neither can you.

So don’t hope things will be easy! Don’t look for a comfortable life. I’m sure that something comfortable could exist, but it can be taken at any moment. Instead you should live like you are beating all the odds, and eventually you just might.

No matter what anyone says to you, and no matter what life has handed you fight the resistance. You can start by actually training and working out, and allow that persistence and hard work to show in all of your character.

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Weak Points In Fitness Life

Today I finally got around to working out one of my weak areas thus far, legs. I say that it’s only weak so far because I’ve never had a chance to extensively train my barbell squat. Finally getting to, squatting 225 seems somewhat easy. However, I know that’s not an extreme amount of weight. I know I’ll get there though, in due time.

Biceps are another weak area of mine. I’ve been curling almost the same weight for months so I’ve finally decided to go the extra yard and try different workouts for the biceps. I feel that it should work. I should be curling a lot and doing chin ups no problem in no time at all.

What are your weak areas? Feel free to post in the comments and let me know how you plan on building up on that. Your weak area can be anything: from certain muscles to cardiovascular health to that mental edge and focus…what do you need to work on?