A lot of challenges come at you in life, and then so does failure. Failure isn’t new to me. It’s a constant occurrence in my life. It’s a constant reminder that I have so much farther to go if I want to be where I want to be. I make excuses, I say “I’ll do better tomorrow”, and I consistently see myself failing. I am beginning to see it as a lesson revolving around one singular point. This lesson has impacted my entire life and it’s only through experiences and therapy that I’ve begun to understand this lesson and move forward.

Don’t be a fence rider. Let all your decisions lead to a yes or no. Don’t live your life procrastinating. Jump off the fence and start running. If you sit too long, you’ll just grow old without going anywhere.

That is honestly what I’ve learned. I know that I constantly struggle to get things done. I’ve really advanced in work, and done well there, but I’ve struggled to build meaningful personal relationships and I’ve gained an awful lot of fat. Living this way is not healthy, it’s not happy, and it isn’t good for us spiritually.

For a while now, that metaphorical fence has been a lot of things for me. It’s been:

  • Is God real? I constantly change my mind or try not to think about it. I always feel like I haven’t made my decision. I know Jesus said you can’t serve two masters, but I sure have been riding that fence for years.
  • Should I really eat that? I know I need more restraint. I need to have discipline. I always say “I’m going to get healthy and lose a bunch of weight,” and then I do the opposite. Sometimes I even think “if I just exercise a lot more, I could eat what I want and lose weight,” and I know that’s not true. If I’d get off the fence and dedicate myself to a good diet, I know I’d see results.
  • Do I believe in myself? This one’s a little more complicated. I say I believe in myself, and I exert confidence at times, but here I am single and just coming out of my shell after four years of focusing on my career. I know that, during those four years, I’d tell myself all the time that I was going to put in the work to keep my relationships going strong but I really didn’t. I just rode the fence long enough to alienate myself from all my childhood friends and never made new friends.

So now I rise to the challenge. I’ve heard it said before that half a battle is knowing what your fighting against, so I can hope that knowing my struggles will only catapult me to success. See you next post.

WordPress community – What is your opinion on popular weight loss apps?

I’m specifically asking about healthy wage, sweat coin, and achievement. All promise to pay you for activity and weight loss.

Feel free to comment and discuss any fitness app you’ve had experience with in the past.

Positive Thoughts Promote A Good Body

Just by having positive thoughts, you can have a better chance at getting that physique you want. More than likely, if you keep your mind positive and follow up with good diet and workouts, you will achieve your physique goals.

Why is this so? Because, simply by thinking positive you are avoiding body dismorphia. I’m not saying you should stop eating right and exercising, but a lot of people struggle with beating themselves up when the scale doesn’t say what they want it to or they think in their minds that they look chubbier one day.

The truth is something like that could be caused by water retention or gained muscle. Simply stick to your diet and exercise, and don’t stress. Stay positive! There’s no better way to be. 

After all, you want to enjoy every step of the way towards your end results. Whether it be bigger arms, six pack abs, or great conditioning you just need to keep your diet and exercise in check and also remember to love yourself every step of the way.

Kick Your Last Month’s Butt

If you can set for yourself at least one goal each month and succeed at that goal, then you are taking baby steps that will add up to giant achievements in the future. Take the time to track your results, be consistent in your training, have a plan, and do your very best while not getting discouraged if you fall of the wagon now and then. You can, and will succeed. Get it done. Beat your old records and make improvements every month.

Here is my body fat chart. I update it every sixth day of the month. Here are my results. You can do the same, maybe better. Again, I’ll say it this way, believe you can do something and do it. Get it done 😉


Different Weights For Different Dates

Ever right down the dates for certain activities in your fitness adventure? It isn’t a bad idea. You could set a time of week to do high weight, low rep and other times for low weight, high rep. You could set a day each month for maxing out on all of your exercises.

I set specific dates for my goals. Every 5th of the month is picture day to see my results and the 6th is weigh-in/body fat % day.

The goals should help you stay focused, consistent, and punctual. If you like this blog, do me a small favor and subscribe for free updates.