Cut The Easy Calories Out First

I don’t like the idea of doing a full on cut or a full on bulk. There’s obviously maintenance cycles also, and you could do different moderation a of a maintenance and cut/bulk.

That opinion of mine is not set in stone. If you’re a bodybuilder and do diets all out like that for competition, more power to you. However, for the average person I’d suggest doing something closer to what I’m doing.

Cutting out one thing at a time. If you want to lose fat or just have a healthier lifestyle(and fat loss would be a byproduct of that), then just cut one unclean thing from your diet every week or two weeks. Maybe even make changes once a month.

An immediate change of your whole diet would be a lot harder to keep than one simple change once in a while.

For example, simply cut out soda as a start. Stop drinking soda tomorrow, if you want to, and don’t drink it again. Next month you could go a step further and drop candy and ice cream, or fast food.

So you won’t be doing an immediate change, but a gradual change that will help you make better choices and aid in lifelong fitness. It’s all a matter of preference, though. Have a great night!


Mechanic’s License Before Operating Heavy Weight

I just thought of the title for this as I am sitting here at the gym between sets of squat. Be careful when you do great exercises like the squat or deadlift. Heavy weight won’t do you much good if you don’t have the mechanics down for the exercise. Don’t be ashamed to do lower weight if you can get used to the squat and have excellent form. Thanks for reading.

Simple Guidelines Are Better

Hodge Twins Explain Why You May Not Be Getting Gains

That’s a link to a video I just watched by TheHodgeTwins on YouTube on their fitness account. Those guys are really smart dudes that give the same kind of advice I’d give. That’s just practical advice.

It’s good to keep things basic too. I find that it’s better to keep it simple than to take in a lot of information, that may or may not be bro science, and suffer from paralysis by analysis.

So if you want progress, read my blog or watch their videos. Better yet, read my blog and watch their videos. You’ll get some practical, easy to follow, simplistic advice that you can very easily add into your life. With those simple changes, at some point you’ll be able to cross the threshold from beginner and finally learn more complicated workout theory whilst remembering the classic K.I.S.S formula(Keep It Simple Stupid). Just kidding, you aren’t stupid. 

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Weak Points In Fitness Life

Today I finally got around to working out one of my weak areas thus far, legs. I say that it’s only weak so far because I’ve never had a chance to extensively train my barbell squat. Finally getting to, squatting 225 seems somewhat easy. However, I know that’s not an extreme amount of weight. I know I’ll get there though, in due time.

Biceps are another weak area of mine. I’ve been curling almost the same weight for months so I’ve finally decided to go the extra yard and try different workouts for the biceps. I feel that it should work. I should be curling a lot and doing chin ups no problem in no time at all.

What are your weak areas? Feel free to post in the comments and let me know how you plan on building up on that. Your weak area can be anything: from certain muscles to cardiovascular health to that mental edge and focus…what do you need to work on?