Sharing Hard Work Helps Everyone

A lot of the posts on my site have been about passion. Passion is incredibly important because, when you love something, you will probably work harder on it. 

While passion is so important, there is really a lot more to succeeding than having passion. With passion, you’ll need to follow through on your dreams and work hard. Then you’ll have to know how to reveive and share that passion and hard work to others.

I was watching this video from Elliott Hulse on passion and he answered a question titled “Worthless Passion”. As he stated in the video below, Obama isn’t handing out passion checks so we have to work hard to make our dreams happen. Feel free to watch his video and join the conversation in the comments below.

What I noticed right away is how this video impacted me today.

…and just today!

I have been watching his “Yo Elliott!” series for a year now and when he posted this it didn’t impact me. But now, I’ve been pursuing my own passion and sharing with you so I understand.

So on top of the message he made clear in his video, I noticed that it is so cool that he walks the walk. And I’ve walked the walk also! I’m going to stop before my arm gets tired patting myself on the back. ūüôā 

Metaphorically, Think about the garden Elliott talked about. If you at least leave something for the world, you’ve been successful. I just noticed that he has hundreds of videos up and that in a sense is his garden. You can pick what video(his work) you need in a specific moment for advice, and then another video when you’ve grown past needing help with the same subject.

So I will continue to try and emulate that mentality. I will continue to write new articles and share content with you so that I can be of some service.  Maybe the things I post today or tomorrow won’t be helpful, but someday you may see the exact article in a related search bar and it may be more relevant to your current situation.

So in conclusion I want to ask you a question:  

What are you doing to pursue your passion? Also, are you helping others?

..and since this is so relevant today,

“Life’s a garden. Dig it,” –Joe Dirt

Write A Lot For Stronger Muscles


By writing something every day I have found that finding something important enough to write about is often a journey that becomes incredibly introspective.  You have to dig deep inside your own head sometimes to find what it is that you want to share with others, and what is really on your mind.  You finally find it, after all of that hard thinking, and you realize each time that you are possibly gaining more from this than your audience:

  1. Self-Respect РYou completed a big task today.  You got the new post up.  You worked hard on something you loved and you are actively pursuing your dreams.
  2. Yourself –¬†this process is incredibly wrapped around your individuality and what you contribute to other people. ¬†You find where you fit in. ¬†You find what your passion is. ¬†You find who YOU are.

The above is what I have learned by writing new posts for you. ¬†The more dedicated I become, the more I realize I have further to go. ¬†I also find how dedicated I truly am to this. ¬†In the process, I realize that I am¬†extremely¬†passionate about writing and fitness. ¬†Because of this, I’m about to explain to¬†you¬†how writing and working out go well together and how¬†you¬†can use both of them in conjunction to achieve your fitness goals:

  1. Keeping a journal –¬†As I mentioned in my post¬†Be Smart and Work Hard, writing in a journal or in your phone’s notepad app can be incredibly beneficial. ¬†The reason why? ¬†We go about our days constantly being bombarded with situations and problems. ¬†Life can be a lot to wrap your head around so having a journal can help you categorize your thoughts and find a better plan of action. ¬†It can also be incredibly helpful in recording your gym results. ¬†You write down your accomplishments and then you may look back and see what you have to improve on.
  2. Re-finding your passion –¬†Again, life can be a lot to wrap your head around sometimes. ¬†Sometimes life just pushes us so much that we want to be lazy or complacent. ¬†And it’s easy to be lazy or complacent, but it’s not easy to live your dreams. ¬†However, you have to take a step each day towards being aggressive about your goals. ¬†Do not allow yourself the comfort of settling somewhere shy of success. ¬†A good way to prevent this is to write things out online a lot like I am here, on Maxed Out Muscles. ¬†I look back at my old posts and where I started, and I see how far I’ve come. ¬†I realize each time that I have a serious passion for lifting weights and becoming the best Christian Boyles. ¬†Not only that, but the comments that some of ¬†you leave on my posts are what often motivate me to hit the gym and work harder.
  3. Networking –¬†Networking and writing can be two sides of the same coin now that blogging has become so popular. ¬†When you put your voice out there in the form of a well written article you’ll find others who have the same interests and goals. ¬†These people will often be who push you and motivate you to work harder. ¬†It goes along well with what I said above about¬†re-finding your passion.

Those are just three small ways that writing can help you with building your dream physique.  You can use it in a number of ways.  As I said, you could use it as a lifting journal or count your macros by writing them down.  Just, by writing out something, I am sure you will be more organized and more prone to success.

So write it down and reach your full potential in life and in the gym. 

Passion Produces Mastery


I wasn’t going to say that being passionate about something causes you to be successful, or that it always shows great results visible to other people.

However, that can often be the case. Lots of people think about taking on huge obstacles and going through routines throughout their lives because they’ve been told to or they want to make money, but not a lot of people genuinely do what they love doing. I believe that it’s because of this that I don’t often here people saying follow your heart, but I do hear them saying “Go to the right college,” “Be a doctor,” or “Do this. It makes a lot of money.”

I’d like to say that none of those things are bad in and of themselves, however with a passionate heart and determination a person can go a lot further. There is a lot more waiting for a person down a road specifically designed for them and their talents and passion, than someone traveling down the beaten path laid in front of them by people who have gone before.

I just wanted to let you know that whatever it is your doing, do it with passion. If you can’t be passionate about it, maybe you should do something else. I can’t promise fame and wealth from following your heart, even if that may very well happen, but I can say that you will be a lot happier with yourself doing something that is indivualized and unique to you.

That being said, in relation to that I can tell you that my passion for reading, writing, and the human body has caused me to learn a lot about physical training, diet, and exercise through various books I’ve read. I write about these various experiences and steps I’ve taken towards mastery in this blog to you.

In conclusion, I hope you can also find what you are really passionate about and take steps toward mastering it. Be the best you can be with your own life’s passion which is unique to you.