Life Is Hard. Stay Soft.

Life is hard sometimes. If you’ve been living it for more than a few years you already know that. You also know the old saying, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.”

As that old saying is saying, don’t allow the hardships and struggles in your life cause you to become negative. That negative energy is just something that you would wind up carrying around with you everywhere and it would be practically contagious to other people.

So far, I may have stated the obvious but what most of us don’t think about is the fact that we’re probably going to know this and still slip up and allow some of our personal struggles to mold us into something we don’t want to be in life. That something is “negative,” “whiny,” a “Debby Downer,” and sometimes even terms that are more derogatory. 

So how do we make lemonade when life throws us these lemons? Simply, through practice. It takes practice. You have to keep forgiving yourself for getting upset about things and continually try to see “the glass half-full.”

I hope you are having a great day as usual and soon I will be giving updates on my Intermittent Fasting. Thanks for reading tonight’s post and I hope you start making this metaphorical lemonade throughout all your struggles, or if you like lemonade go home and make a glass.