Join The Conversation On Leg Day

Today is the day I am going for 265 lbs (120 kg) on squat!  That would be my new personal record and I’d be happy with that weight.  When I started working out, I could barely squat 95 lbs!

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Deadlifts were low too.  When I started working out, I believe my deadlift max was 135 lbs with bad form.  My bench press was the highest(still with bad form) and was around 155 lbs.  I’m glad to say that those days are over.

I went from gym newbie to average gym goer in six months.  That seems pretty average, and I’m happy with that because now I am training to be above average!  Realistically, I think that’s what we all shoot for once we get used to lifting weights.

So today I wanted to ask you a few questions:

  1. How long have you been lifting weights?  If you don’t lift weights, what do you do to avoid being sedentary?
  2. Do you enjoy your weight lifting or other activity?
  3. Do you put a lot of emphasis on working legs(mostly directed toward weight lifters but sprinters and other sports also)?
  4. Are you happy with your progress?
  5. What leg workouts do you do the most?
  6. Any recommendations(broad question)?

Join The Conversation On Weights And Repetitions

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Weights and Repetitions

Hi All,

Today I was at the gym with a friend of mine and it was back and bicep day!  I lifted really heavy on my back workouts.  I started with some deadlifts, followed by bent-over rows and some bent-over dumbbell rows as a superset with dumbbell shoulder press.

Finally, I had finished my back routine and had done:

A final set of deadlifts at 315 by 3 reps.

A final set of bent-over rows at 165 for 6 reps.

A final set of bent-over dumbbell rows at 70 for 5 reps on each side.

A final set of dumbbell shoulder press at 55 for 5 reps.

When I had finished and my buddy had finished his leg routine, we wanted to work out together on biceps.  He had a routine in mind for curls and I had never actually done it that way before.  I decided to take his word on it and lift with him.  What I noticed was really interesting:

We did EZ bar curls with 55 lbs for 18 reps, followed by 16 reps, followed by 14 reps, followed by 12 reps, by 10 reps, by 8 reps, and finally 6 reps.  By the last set my arms felt obliterated!  He said he loves working out that way because it helps him cut.


I noticed something else though and this is just theory…

But maybe occasionally doing higher reps and less weight helps you work stabilizer muscles and other muscles that don’t typically get as much attention.  I, not only, noticed that my biceps were sore but also my forearms.  I thought to myself,

“If my forearms are getting this much work from higher reps, why don’t I typically do this?”

So that was just my thought, and my theory after today’s workout.  I have been lifting for about six months and I am definitely interested in what you think!

So let me know!  I want to hear from you fitness gurus, athletes, personal trainers, and gym shaman.  I want to hear what all of you have to say on “HIGH WEIGHT-LOW REP” and “LOW WEIGHT-HIGH REP”.

First of all, what do you do more?  High weight-low rep?  Or low weight-high rep?

Also, why do you choose to work out that way?

What is your opinion on my theory that doing higher reps may help work different muscles that aren’t as involved when we lift higher weights?

Please let me know!  Feel free to comment below and join the conversation.

Join The Conversation on DIETING


Join The Conversation!

I want to know how you diet.

I have tried many diets on my own and experimented with my calories and macros to see what works for me, and I believe I found what works!  I, personally, can eat about 2300 to 2500 calories a day and still lose fat as long as I am slightly active.  I eat a high amount of protein in my diet with fat as a byproduct and I strategically place my carbs at the beginning of my day and after workouts.

When I border on eating too many calories or when I decide to take a cheat day, I simply add more cardio to burn the calories that I added.

Please let me know in the comment section down below what you do!  I want to hear everyone’s view on diet and exercise, and how you have found what works best for you!