Joe Rogan – Why Are People Fat and Lazy

Today’s video is just one I liked because Joe’s guest in this podcast was an advocate of the “carnivore” diet.

So, first and foremost, I’m kind of burnt out on the whole “diet” idea. I myself have done paleo before and it worked well, I know someone successful on keto, Joe is on keto, and my brother is a vegan. All that being said, I’m not arguing whether diets work or not. Clearly, at least in the short term, they work well and can also be very useful if you have health problems and have to eat a more restricted diet(as is the case for Mikhaila Peterson, the woman Joe is talking to).

I do, though, feel that for most of us a “diet” isn’t necessary. As I’ve said on other posts, perhaps just make one small change a week. You’d be surprised what you can do, and find an exercise you enjoy and do it consistently.

Here, Joe seems to have the same frame of mind and feels diet or exercise don’t really precede one another…he would say you just have to get out there and get the damn thing done… which, honestly, I feel is so true. Watch below: