Bulk or Cut First? What Might Be The Best Transition

A lot of people like to cut their body fat down before going into a bulk buy I’ve done it the opposite way, sort of. I’ve eaten slightly above maintenance calories with all the grams of protein I need, and have noticed a dramatic change of weight all while dropping my body fat percentage. 
That’s not too say I actually lost fat, but the percentage of fat making up my total mass is much smaller due to having a lot more muscle.

During this “bulk”, I’ve noticed something that is just great and it’s helped me a lot. 

I didn’t have to make huge changes in my diet to support the huge change taking place. All I had to do was work out and exercise, and eat just a little more. It’s been a huge change and I can be comfortable with myself because I know that change is sustainable.

When I do finally cut in November, it won’t be a full on change. It will be something minor as just lowering my calories slightly below maintenance. 
Doing this bulk first and just focusing on gaining quality mass has helped me make the full lifestyle change I’ll need, but in baby steps so I’ve been learning better habits one at a time.

I can’t promise that this would work the same for you or that you would like it as much as doing a cut but that is just my testimony. This worked for me. Thanks for reading.