September 9th Update

It’s week 3, and I might actually be showing some results this time around.

As I’ll share below, I’ve lost about a half a pound which is under my goal.  I’m hoping to lose about 2 lbs a week.  However, in the photos I am going to share with you, I feel I am looking considerably thinner this week than I was last week.

That being said, I can tell you I did a couple things different this week that may have contributed to my results for this week’s progress update.  First of all, I had absolutely no alcohol.  I didn’t drink beer, wine, or liquor and I did absolutely no partying.  That cut off between 1,000 and 2,000 calories this weekend easily.  Also, I worked out much more consistently.  As opposed to going to the gym twice this week, I went five times and did a mixture of Athlean X inferno shred workouts and a 5×5 regimen for heavier lifts on my days off on the inferno program.

With all of that being said, I feel I really did put in the work this week and should be seeing some results.  Now, with those results being less than my goal, there are a couple possible reasons for that.

First, I had Denny’s twice this week!  That is an easy 1,000 calories extra per each day I went.  I had Denny’s last week too, so I still have done better this week in net calories I’m sure.  I also, maybe because the body doesn’t want to burn calories or maybe because I was stressed, ate some McDonald’s on my first break at work before lunch each day.  That is a tremendous amount of money when you do it every day and it also isn’t good for the waist line.

Finally, there is an off chance that I have also built muscle as I have burned some fat.  Athlean X YouTuber Jeff Cavalier seems to think it’s very possible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.  Despite some of my poor dietary choices this week, the pictures I am about to show you have me believing that might be what I’ve done.

Sep 9
I truly think I look slightly leaner in these photos than I did in my August 26th or September 2nd updates.  I am noticing a small difference on my lower back where I was holding a lot of stubborn fat.  While there is still fat there, it looks smaller to me.  Also, my stomach doesn’t seem to protrude so much.  I know I am holding the camera at a different angle for that one than the others but it seemed like I couldn’t even show my stomach doing the same angle this time because my arm was too much in the way.

Here I will also begin showing you a screen shot of my RENPHO scale, that is supposed to record my weight and body fat % measurements.  I’m not entirely sure the body fat parts are accurate, so I may need to buy a tape measure soon so I can get reliable measurements and better recording to be sure about whether I’m losing fat despite what the scale says.

Sep 9 Weight.PNG
Weighing in at roughly a half a pound less, my results weren’t major but my pictures seem to show improvement.