Motivation And Why You Should Fight Resistance

“The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only

build a strong character,” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not only was Arnold Schwarzenegger an extraordinary bodybuilder, but also an extraordinary man.  He seemed to understand exactly what I’ve been trying to say for the past few days.  Building muscle and working out isn’t something that is only physical,

it’s mental.  It’s emotional.  It’s spiritual.

Allow me to explain.  Every day you go into that gym you are saying something.  You may not actually be vocal about it but you are clearly and proudly making a statement.  Ready?

You’re saying, “I’m not where I want to be, but I will work my butt off to get there.”  Or maybe you’re saying, “I value my health and well-being, and I’m going to take whatever steps are necessary for staying healthy.”  Either way, you are doing something that not a lot of people are capable of; you are fighting that resistance.

You may go into the gym and do resistance training with weights or running on the treadmill, but either way you are pushing against your body’s urge to quit.  Your body may want to give up, may want to be weak, and may want to rest…

but you won’t quit!  You won’t give up!  You will do whatever it takes to be in control of your health and you will fight that resistance!

You can go in the gym day in and day out and it is guaranteed that as long as you are consistent, you will see some results.  You will work hard and “work your butt off” and perhaps what I just said won’t be only metaphorical.  You might lose sixty pounds.  You might gain muscle and tone up.  You can be in peak physical shape, and all you have to do is fight that resistance.

And let’s not forget about the resistance we all fight in life!  Right now, as you’re reading this, you may recall something you dreamed of doing that just seems so difficult right now.  Have you really gone all out for it?  Have you given it 100% of your effort?  The things that you probably dream of most in life won’t come easy…They will give you resistance also,

and it’s up to you to fight that resistance.


Fight that resistance and as Arnold said, “build a strong character.”