A lot of challenges come at you in life, and then so does failure. Failure isn’t new to me. It’s a constant occurrence in my life. It’s a constant reminder that I have so much farther to go if I want to be where I want to be. I make excuses, I say “I’ll do better tomorrow”, and I consistently see myself failing. I am beginning to see it as a lesson revolving around one singular point. This lesson has impacted my entire life and it’s only through experiences and therapy that I’ve begun to understand this lesson and move forward.

Don’t be a fence rider. Let all your decisions lead to a yes or no. Don’t live your life procrastinating. Jump off the fence and start running. If you sit too long, you’ll just grow old without going anywhere.

That is honestly what I’ve learned. I know that I constantly struggle to get things done. I’ve really advanced in work, and done well there, but I’ve struggled to build meaningful personal relationships and I’ve gained an awful lot of fat. Living this way is not healthy, it’s not happy, and it isn’t good for us spiritually.

For a while now, that metaphorical fence has been a lot of things for me. It’s been:

  • Is God real? I constantly change my mind or try not to think about it. I always feel like I haven’t made my decision. I know Jesus said you can’t serve two masters, but I sure have been riding that fence for years.
  • Should I really eat that? I know I need more restraint. I need to have discipline. I always say “I’m going to get healthy and lose a bunch of weight,” and then I do the opposite. Sometimes I even think “if I just exercise a lot more, I could eat what I want and lose weight,” and I know that’s not true. If I’d get off the fence and dedicate myself to a good diet, I know I’d see results.
  • Do I believe in myself? This one’s a little more complicated. I say I believe in myself, and I exert confidence at times, but here I am single and just coming out of my shell after four years of focusing on my career. I know that, during those four years, I’d tell myself all the time that I was going to put in the work to keep my relationships going strong but I really didn’t. I just rode the fence long enough to alienate myself from all my childhood friends and never made new friends.

So now I rise to the challenge. I’ve heard it said before that half a battle is knowing what your fighting against, so I can hope that knowing my struggles will only catapult me to success. See you next post.

Start Your New Year Declaring Yourself Stronger, Healthier, and Happier

Did you make mistakes in 2019? If so, join the club. We meet on Thursdays. No, not really, but I’m willing to bet that all of us fell short of our expectations one way or another.

If you did, then good! At least you had expectations. Have goals for yourself this year, and plan to excel in 2020. You have the opportunity to make a whole decade your greatest. I’m spending my New Years in the gym. Earlier tonight, I made myself a healthy dinner. This year, you don’t have to get boozed up unless that’s honestly your goal. You don’t have to have addictions. Be stronger, healthier, and happier. Head to your local gym and work out. Don’t have a membership? Then get on the damn floor and do some push ups. Can’t do push ups? Jog in place. Just do something people!

Live your life being your best self and buy the hype this year. Sell yourself on being the best you possible.

Feel Better Instantly With This 1 Simple Trick

Like the click bait title? Because you’ll love this 1 little trick – set a bed time. Have a routine.

I know this seems simple, but this is something that I am just now finding out. I started going to bed at the same time every day and waking up at the same time and I sleep much deeper than before. While sleep quantity is around the same, sleep quality has improved exponentially. I wake up every day feeling well rested.

A quick google and research seems to indicate that sleep has strong ties to you cardiac and metabolic health. Just give it a shot. Set a bedtime and an alarm to wake up and see how you feel. This may be a good step 1 on getting fit.

WordPress community – What is your opinion on popular weight loss apps?

I’m specifically asking about healthy wage, sweat coin, and achievement. All promise to pay you for activity and weight loss.

Feel free to comment and discuss any fitness app you’ve had experience with in the past.

Getting Back At It

Gotta keep this short, as I’m typing this from my iPhone before work. I appreciate anyone who decides to read, but please understand that I am typing this for me. This post is an affirmation of my goal, and I am stating the facts:

Fact 1- I started going hard at it 6 months ago. I was also going hard at it a year ago. I went hard at it 3 years ago. I did even better, than those other times, 5 years ago. My continual issue has been discipline and consistency. There are huge gaps, between each attempt at fitness, where I have gotten more out of shape, more gross, more overweight, unhealthier, more unfocused, lazier, and more depressed.

Fact 2- I am the heaviest I have ever been at this point in my life. I weighed myself in at 268 lbs.

Fact 3- I have a long ways to go and I can’t trust every number I see. My scale is basically telling me, “yeah, you’re overweight but look at your body fat %. Only 20%.” The problem is that my scale is wrong and I shouldn’t believe that number. I have since taken body measurements with tape and a caliper and my body fat % is typically close to 30% when I average between my 3 results. Even that may be a low ball number.

Let’s place these facts together, shall we?

I’ve gotten out of shape because I find myself wanting to believe I don’t have a problem. I have trusted obviously faulty numbers regarding my body fat %. I’ve believed “that Three Musketeers won’t be that bad”. I’ve been living day to day without a routine and have had little to no discipline. I’ve made a victim of myself and spiraled out of control.

Today, I tell myself…. I am taking control of my life back. I will develop more discipline. Over the past week, I’ve begun by developing a routine. I now have a bed time, and a time to wake up. When I wake up, I eat breakfast and work out. Then I get ready and often have time to relax before work since I work second shift.

This is going very well so far and I am feeling like I have a lot more energy. I will strive to do more, and I will succeed. I want to, no…. I will be the best version of myself.

Disgusted that I’ve let it get this far out of control, but again… I will take control. I can do it, and I will do it.

September 9th Update

It’s week 3, and I might actually be showing some results this time around.

As I’ll share below, I’ve lost about a half a pound which is under my goal.  I’m hoping to lose about 2 lbs a week.  However, in the photos I am going to share with you, I feel I am looking considerably thinner this week than I was last week.

That being said, I can tell you I did a couple things different this week that may have contributed to my results for this week’s progress update.  First of all, I had absolutely no alcohol.  I didn’t drink beer, wine, or liquor and I did absolutely no partying.  That cut off between 1,000 and 2,000 calories this weekend easily.  Also, I worked out much more consistently.  As opposed to going to the gym twice this week, I went five times and did a mixture of Athlean X inferno shred workouts and a 5×5 regimen for heavier lifts on my days off on the inferno program.

With all of that being said, I feel I really did put in the work this week and should be seeing some results.  Now, with those results being less than my goal, there are a couple possible reasons for that.

First, I had Denny’s twice this week!  That is an easy 1,000 calories extra per each day I went.  I had Denny’s last week too, so I still have done better this week in net calories I’m sure.  I also, maybe because the body doesn’t want to burn calories or maybe because I was stressed, ate some McDonald’s on my first break at work before lunch each day.  That is a tremendous amount of money when you do it every day and it also isn’t good for the waist line.

Finally, there is an off chance that I have also built muscle as I have burned some fat.  Athlean X YouTuber Jeff Cavalier seems to think it’s very possible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.  Despite some of my poor dietary choices this week, the pictures I am about to show you have me believing that might be what I’ve done.

Sep 9
I truly think I look slightly leaner in these photos than I did in my August 26th or September 2nd updates.  I am noticing a small difference on my lower back where I was holding a lot of stubborn fat.  While there is still fat there, it looks smaller to me.  Also, my stomach doesn’t seem to protrude so much.  I know I am holding the camera at a different angle for that one than the others but it seemed like I couldn’t even show my stomach doing the same angle this time because my arm was too much in the way.

Here I will also begin showing you a screen shot of my RENPHO scale, that is supposed to record my weight and body fat % measurements.  I’m not entirely sure the body fat parts are accurate, so I may need to buy a tape measure soon so I can get reliable measurements and better recording to be sure about whether I’m losing fat despite what the scale says.

Sep 9 Weight.PNG
Weighing in at roughly a half a pound less, my results weren’t major but my pictures seem to show improvement.

How to Eat Healthy, Lose Weight, and Feel Awesome

This video was posted by “The Health Nerd,” and he is not a normal fitness YouTuber. He supplies a lot of information and provides sources so, if his word isn’t good enough for you, you can check his source and see that he’s right.

The info he shares typically isn’t controversial either, just common sense.

Common sense…

Yeah, common sense… and I don’t mean that negatively toward him, but I feel most of us at this time know what is right for us and our bodies but we ultimately make the wrong decisions time and time again.

It’s by watching videos like The Health Nerd’s that you can remind yourself things you already knew and get a swift reality check halfway through your week. Starting to feel like you don’t know if you made the right choices? Watch videos like this, he outlines very clearly what you should and shouldn’t be doing if you want to get in the best shape of your life!

Joe Rogan – Why Are People Fat and Lazy

Today’s video is just one I liked because Joe’s guest in this podcast was an advocate of the “carnivore” diet.

So, first and foremost, I’m kind of burnt out on the whole “diet” idea. I myself have done paleo before and it worked well, I know someone successful on keto, Joe is on keto, and my brother is a vegan. All that being said, I’m not arguing whether diets work or not. Clearly, at least in the short term, they work well and can also be very useful if you have health problems and have to eat a more restricted diet(as is the case for Mikhaila Peterson, the woman Joe is talking to).

I do, though, feel that for most of us a “diet” isn’t necessary. As I’ve said on other posts, perhaps just make one small change a week. You’d be surprised what you can do, and find an exercise you enjoy and do it consistently.

Here, Joe seems to have the same frame of mind and feels diet or exercise don’t really precede one another…he would say you just have to get out there and get the damn thing done… which, honestly, I feel is so true. Watch below:

9 Habits For Permanent Weight Loss

The video I am sharing today was posted by Youtube channel “Gravity Transformations – Fat Loss Experts.”

I definitely got the vibe that the guy presenting information in this video knows what he’s talking about.  I think all of his advice was good.  What I want to add on to it is this..

Just make changes people.  Any small change will do….  If just one small change a week, do it! You can.  One small change a week in the right direction and in 12 weeks that will be 12 small changes.  Just imagine how much healthier you’ll be if you follow that.

I don’t think you have to follow everything he said to a T but it definitely would help you achieve your goals.  Just do your best and I want to leave you with a quote from his video that resonated with me:

“We make time for things that are most important to us.”  Think that over if you’re struggling to find time to work out.