September 2nd Update

One week since my first update last Sunday.  No progress whatsoever.

I started the week headstrong and motivated.  I even cooked Sunday.  Nothing EXTREMELY healthy, just some spaghetti with meat sauce…but it’s a step in the right direction.  For once, I am eating the majority of my meals home cooked, and much less fast food.  So!! WHY NO RESULTS?

Here is why I believe I had no results:

1) While I started the week strong, and I even switched my workout program to Athlean X inferno shred, I did not finish the week strong.  I did two inferno shred workouts and then, after my rest day, did not work out the rest of the week.  So life can happen, I can be tired, etc. but I have to master consistency.

2) My diet was MUCH better this week.  I had that spaghetti for most of the week, and followed up with the cooking trend and made fish tacos on Thursday.  However, Friday night I went out and got SMASHED.  Ab-so-lute-ly shit faced.  My friend was throwing a party and I really wanted to go, so I did and I drank 11 beers and 6 jell-o shots.  Following that up, I wanted to soak up the alcohol so I had Denny’s.  Then, yesterday, I wanted Pizza so I ordered a small Domino’s pizza to myself to nurse the hangover.

SUMMING IT UP, I could have lost some weight this week and looked better but I did not consistently train and I also ruined my caloric deficit by getting hammered Friday night and overeating this weekend.  The key to progress for me will be to continue to start those Mondays off strong but I’ll need to begin to follow through to the end of each week.

Progress pic (or lack thereof) below:

Weighing in at the same 261 lbs as last week, I have succeeded at being mundane and average.  No bonus points for me this week.  On to week 3, where I MUST commit to doing this right! I apologize as I should have added a picture from the back to show those love handles that I need to work on.  I’ll include the third set of pics in the next weekly collage.


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