You Need To Go To The Gym Without Being A Douchebag

Pardon my french, but please refer to the title.


We all know them, right?  The guys who go into the gym and grunt loud enough for everyone to hear while benching 225 for the first time.

(…and by that, I mean the first time today.   They do this every day.  They also don’t do this with any other work out.  They don’t do many other workouts, and they definitely don’t do leg workouts.  Only upper body brah.)

This is the same guy who wants to give you unwarranted workout advice every time he sees you.  He’s into himself, and he thinks you should be too.

Still with me?  If you’re not, picture this:

You walk into the gym.  You’re feeling a little guilty because you haven’t gone in a week, and you ate more cake than you should have at a birthday party you attended the day before.  You’re also feeling kind of achy from your escapades at the bar the night before.  No worries though, you are stepping into the gym and getting your life back together.

You think you’re in for a difficult, but rewarding session as you know you need it and you’re excited at the prospect of getting your life together.  You start to walk over to the free weight area because you read some article online saying that compound movements work better for seeing some results.  This is when you spot them.  There’s a group of three guys.  All of them are wearing nothing but Nike, a snap back cap, their gym bags are tossed against the wall, and they each have one of the free weight racks.

“If they’re here together, why can’t they just work in together on one rack?” you think to yourself.  However, you avoid confrontation and consider grabbing some dumbbells instead.  That’s also a no-go.  You start to look over at the dumbbell area.  None of the weights are there that you’d like to use.  You look back at the matching gym rats with their tribal tattoos, and there are your dumbbells by their feet.  You ask if you can use them, and they all act odd about it and say they are actually doing a “superset” but they’ll totally be done in a minute.  This isn’t going to happen though, because you quickly notice that they talk for five minutes between every set.

You end up going to the treadmills, you do some cardio and you hear them snickering in the back.  It seems that they might be laughing at you.  Seems rude, but also seems plausible as they don’t seem to believe in working legs, doing cardio, or having gym etiquette.  You get a little frustrated, and you leave.

My thoughts here are, that, this stuff actually happens.  How many gym douche bags have we all seen, seriously?  I can personally laugh at myself and say that I have in the past had some of these behaviors.  I’ve gotten lost in the mirror, taken up free weights, and talked to people for a long period of time between sets.  This was a while ago and I feel that being self aware is the first step.  I don’t think I’m that annoying anymore, and I think there’s a lot of hope for most bros out there.  Just be courteous and kind brothers.






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