Colitis and Kids

Obviously we should listen to our doctors who are very well educated, but first and foremost you must have common sense!

I have been overcoming Crohn’s Disease for five years, and was told my case was so severe that diet wouldn’t help. I took that advice with a grain of salt, literally, as I dropped my fatty fast food intake and ate completely clean.

I noticed that my symptoms went away when I tried using the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is my “clean” approach. Rather than worry about what was acceptable, I cut out all grains and dairy and only ate meat and vegetables and fruit for two months.

I lost 20 pounds and felt healthier than ever! Obviously the diet worked for me, but I realize that there are mixed results among different people.

…and whether you have an auto-immune disease or you are by all means healthy, you aren’t immune to suffering from poor choices. It’s very likely that having a poor diet will not promote the best version of yourself.

Common knowledge dictates that by eating a clean, healthy diet you will function better, feel healthier, and think more clearly.

Today, I want to know what your thoughts are on an approach to auto-immune disorders and a lot of the diseases that affect first world countries:

Is IBD on the rise because of processed and fast foods?

Are you feeling your best due to a great diet? Or are you lethargic and ill due to a poor diet?

What choices will you make to live a healthier lifestyle today?

I ask these questions (similar to the questions I asked before in my JTC On Dieting post) because there is certainly a mind-body connection. To pursue your goal of being the best version of yourself and and to improve daily…diet must be one of your first steps on a long road to self development.

Every WIN Moment


I just saw a billboard from Crohn’s and Colitis Canada that stated Colitis is on the rise among Canadian children.  As a mother of two young children, and a Naturopathic Doctor, this latest “disease on the rise” in Canadian children saddens me.

With reports of autism, allergies and obesity on the rise in paediatric populations, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (i.e. Crohn’s and Colitis) is another preventable illness that is compromising the health of our youth.

Crohn’s and Colitis Canada states that diet is not a cause of the condition, although it notes certain foods can aggravate symptoms.  However, after years of working with children and adults with IBD I have seen first hand that eating a high frequency of certain foods can certainly start people of all ages down the path of chronic gut irritation, inflammation and injury.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I recommend taking a therapeutic approach to nutrition for kids with…

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