Ultimate PUMP Workout – Chest and Back

You don’t want just any pump!  You want the ultimate pump.  You want to look so big that you can finally go to brosciencelife‘s website and buy a “Don’t Spot Me.  Watch Me” t-shirt.  You want to look huge in one of them shirts, so you don’t want to just wear the shirt.  You want to rock that shirt, and look jacked in that shirt.  You have only two options:

A) Don’t buy the shirt, or buy it and look small.

B) Lift some heavy weights and build some alpha-type muscles that you will need to show some good size in that shirt!

Here is a chest and back workout that will not only make you feel great!  It will also tear down your muscles and make them ready for growth in just the way you are wanting them to.  Here is what you can do:


3 sets of incline at 60% for 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

3 sets of decline at 60% for 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

3 sets of dumbbell incline at 60% for 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

3 sets of flies at 60% for AGAIN 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

2 sets of weighted pushups at 50% for 10 reps, and then at 80% for 5 reps.


If you’re doing a front and back split like me, then you may mix these around with your chest workouts if you wish.  I do my dead lifts right after I finish my inclines and declines so that I can get done with the rack as soon as possible, and get out of other peoples’ way.

2 sets of dead lifts at ten warm-up reps of 135 lbs, and your second set at whatever you can do for 5 to 8 reps.

3 sets of shoulder press at 60% for 10 warm-up reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

2 sets of shrugs at 60% for ten reps, and then 90% for 5 reps.

3 sets of lat pull-downs at 60% for ten reps, 70% for 5 reps, and 80% for 5 reps.

Lastly, I like to do wall stands as it seems to be pretty hard for me to do and I wouldn’t mind building enough upper body strength to do push ups without my legs or to walk on my hands!

I sincerely hope that you found this list helpful and that you can use some of the workouts I mentioned in your own chest and back days.  Better yet, I hope you try my workout.  Thanks for reading and please subscribe to Maxed Out Muscles.


9 thoughts on “Ultimate PUMP Workout – Chest and Back

  1. Is that you in the photo? Workout looks great but I would advise changing up the deadlift. It’s a hugely draining compound exercise that really hits the CNS and if done well, you shouldn’t need to do many at all. I do one warm up set and one working set of 5 reps. Of course, it depends on what your goal is but if you are aiming for a one rep max then I’d be doing less than 8 reps. Out of interest, why is the deadlift in your back day? I realise it is a whole body workout but is there a particular reason why? Otherwise, great workout. How are you doing your weighted push ups? Are your wall stands, hand stands? I’m really pleased with how my hand stand push ups are progressing but they are a really intense exercise. Keep up the good work as always.

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    1. I do repetition on deadlift occasionally to get used to the weight and not risk injury. It’s actually strengthened my CNS to the point where I can handle a lot more than I could starting out. Last week I tried to one rep max and got 315 which in my opinion isn’t crazy but I ended up doing it twice instead of once lol so I think I can do more. also, I do them on back days because I believe it’s a great exercise to do with back accessory lifts. I like doing the lat pull downs and shrugs after, along with some lower back work that I didn’t mention in this post 🙂 I do the weighted push ups like regular push ups, with good form, and I put the plates on my lower back. Today I did 70 lbs. I’m so jealous, I can’t do hand stand push ups and yes my wall stands are hand stands but I have to use the wall for support still. Thank you 🙂

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    2. Ok, that makes a bit more sense. I would say that if you can do 5 deadlifts at your chosen weight with good technique, you can move up on weights. If you can just squeeze two then go back to the lower weight. That’s awesome though. If I can find someone to put a weight on my back, I’ll have a go at weighted push ups and get back to you.

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