Nice and Slow, That’s The Best Way To Do It!


When you’re lifting weights there is one thing that is really important. That is going through your lift slowly to keep tension on all the muscles involved in that specific lift.

I shared a post not too long ago from a great up and coming blog and the post was titled Time Under Tension Lifts. In this post, by WordPress user LifeIsFit, the point was driven quite clearly that by not locking out you are essentially putting more stress on the muscles.

We all know that more stress on the muscles and less stress on the joints is a good thing, which leads me to add a new point today.

As much as time under tension lifting is already beneficial, it’s also beneficial to lift slow due to the fact that you are putting extra stress on the muscles. This also helps you learn what muscles your lift is targeting, and will help you achieve that “mind-body connection”.

The more you know about how a certain lift is affecting your body, and the more you know your body, you will see better results. Therefore, get to squatting or bench pressing and rep it out NICE and sloooow.

I hope that this post was informative. Have a great day and please subscribe.


7 thoughts on “Nice and Slow, That’s The Best Way To Do It!

    1. Lol absolutely! I also think that, and there will be a new post coming that covers this, there is a lot of people who just work their mirror muscles. The truth is that when we just work out on muscles like chest and arms that we can check out in the mirror, as sacrifice a lot of stability and overall muscular health and wellness.

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