Good Exercises For Arm Day

It’s arm day for me. A lot of people love working their arms and chest so much they don’t usually work anything else. I personally like to work all my different muscle groups throughout the week, but if you love doing arms here’s a routine for you.

  1. Preacher curls – Do 3 sets of preacher curls with a 25 lb barbell and whatever additional weight you want. Do repititions of 8, 6, 4 on strength days and 12, 10, 8 for hypertrophy.
  2. Overhead barbell tricep extension – this is really useful to superset with your preacher curls. Do the same sets and reps as you curl.
  3. Hammer curls – you do these by sitting down and holding the Dumbbells to your sides. Keep the Dumbbells parallel to your sides and curl without twisting your wrist. Do the same reps as above workouts or mix it up to how you see fit.
  4. Tricep extension – put your knee on the bench and lean over to where your hand is on the bench also. With one hand grasping a dumbbell extend your arm until fully extended. If you are doing this right, you should feel it in your tricep. Do both arms and do the same sets and reps as the hammer curls, so this is basically another superset.
  5. Cable work – Adjust the cables to do both bicep curls and tricep curls. Adjust your position and the cable to work different parts of the tricep and bicep. Do at least 3 sets for bicep and tricep. If you work different parts of the bicep and tricep you may be able to get 9 sets of each.

If you need more information on how to do some of the exercises I can only recommend you look on YouTube at the moment. I will be uploading videos sometime soon though, so I will be able to give you training tutorials and information. Thanks for reading. Have a great arm day!

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