30 things I’ve learned before I was 30

This is great advice! I advice everyone to read this for some Motivational Monday/life advice type of content. I read the post and was able to reflect upon my own life and realized this person was 100% right.

I also liked the point about making friends. At some point you realize friends from high school are mostly friends by convenience, and you want to have a hobby or passion that you go somewhere to cultivate so you can meet people with similar interests.

I like to stress having something your passionate about once again, I’d like to after reading this. You can build your success through something you’re passionate about, and go through a lot of the steps this person listed. You will have resistance, people will probably undermine you for pursuing your dreams, and you may have to make new friends. It’s all worth it though.

Read this users post to see some deep insight from someone who learned a lot in 30 years.


  1. Say it. Tell the person you like their shirt or you find them interesting or you think their work ethic is admirable. Spread the word of kindness and stop worrying if you’ll come off as a creep.
  2. Who you are and what you are are two different things. I am kind, open, vulnerable, and pensive. I am also a young, fit, unmarried accountant. The former traits stay with me for a lifetime. The cold hard facts are I am aging, my body will change with time, and my future is most uncertain. Identify with the permanent characteristics and showcase the individualities that make you unique. Don’t hang your worth on fleeting descriptions.
  3. Make friends. You’re not in grade school anymore so it will take some effort. Join a gym, take a class, get off the couch and into the world.
  4. Just take the leap. You will never feel absolutely secure…

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