Backstory To Becoming A Warrior


Before I started on a journey of self-improvement and fitness, I was timid and always so stressed and self-conscious. I remember being a shy kid at first who just wanted to have friends, who made them mostly by convenience and then had the same friends through grade school.

Having what I’d say is a bad friend and a bad family member led me to learn there are three things that made me grow the most as a person and ultimately become a warrior.

  1. This friend was an obstacle placed in my life for me to overcome. It was my responsibility to cut ties and have confidence in myself.
  2. The family member, sad to say my own mother, was always bringing stress into my life which led to a lot of Crohn’s Disease flare ups and problems. Dropping her from my life and choosing to do my very best to move on without her was a huge step proving I will not take undermining and disrespect for others.
  3. My Crohn’s Disease was a problem that has been with me for years and it has been both a blessing and a curse, as it has made me learn more about nutrition and keeping calm. It has also driven me to my passion of becoming a nutritional counselor and helping people.

By overcoming these obstacles, I have learned that there are two things you must be ready to do at any given time.

  1. Say no!
  2. Take action.

Say no – do NOT allow anything in your life to slow you down in your development as a person.

Ex: If you are trying to stay away from alcohol and you have a friend who always wants you to drink and makes fun of you for not drinking, drop that friend. Not saying anything against drinking, but this is my example.

Take Action – Be ready to take action by knowing what you want in life and going for it, by whatever means are necessary.

Ex: If you want to become an amazing musician be ready to practice day and night and always be ready to meet new people who could teach you more and give you valuable connections.

Hopefully, this will make sense to you and you can use this as helpful advice in whatever you are choosing to do. Whether it be fitness related or not, find your way as a person and be successful. Prepare to say no to opposition and crush through barriers, because on the inside you are a WARRIOR.

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