Don’t Ignore Naysayers, Laugh At Them

Let’s say you’ve gotten into working out and one day you’re hanging out with a large group of friends, and a friend or friend of a friend says something about your weird body shape and tries to make fun of you. How do you react?

You may have thought to yourself that this kind of behavior would make you upset or angry. That’s understandable because they are being rude, but look outside the box for a moment. Think to yourself, why would they take the time to single me out and cut me down? Simply, so they can bring themselves up. 

These people can only bring themselves up by trying to bring you down, so now that you know you’re dealing with someone who has serious self esteem issues you can laugh at them. They’re so pathetic, it’s funny, and you are better than them.

Keep doing the things you love, lift, and exercise and don’t let the naysayers get you down. Try to keep negative people out of your life but if something happens and you can’t help but be around them, don’t ignore them. Just laugh at them. They’re looking for you to get upset, which is funny, because they are also making it evident that you are better than them. 

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